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You enjoy your pets while I take care of the rest.

Bird Sitting, Cage Cleaning, and Aquarium Care in Oahu, HI

As a bird lover, I would love to hang out with your feathered friend. A vast majority of my experience is based around Budgies and Cockatiels, but I also have experience with Indian Ringnecks, African Greys, and a few other parrots.

Pricing is flexible based on what helps you the most. Some of the services I offer:

  • Bird Sitting at your Home (Pet Socialization, Cage Cleaning, Food/Water Change)
  • Longterm Bird Sitting at my Aviary
  • Bird Check-Ins (Daily Feeding, Water and Liner Change)
  • Regular Cage Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Beginners Bird Training (Hand Taming, Basic Commands, etc.)

I have been keeping freshwater fish in planted aquariums for a couple years now and I adore my little bettas! However, nobody loves the weekly water changes, water parameter checks, and wondering why your plants are dying this time. I’m here to keep your tank healthy and your fish happy. Some of the services I offer:

  • Weekly Water Changes and Tank Cleaning (with Plant Maintenance)
  • Bi-Weekly Tank Deep Cleaning (with Plant Maintenance)
  • Fishy Check-Ins (Daily Feedings and Water Parameter Checks)
  • Longterm Fish Sitting (Feedings, Cleanings, and More)

Bird Babysitting

  • $20/hr for Bird Check-ins and Daily Maintenance
  • $30/2 hrs of Bird Sitting, Maintenance, and Pet Socialization
  • $75/week for Bird Check-Ins and Maintenance
  • $90/week for Bird Sitting at My Aviary
  • Discounts Applied for Longterm Bird Sitting (Over 2 Weeks)

Cage and Tank Cleaning

  • $20/Sm-Md Cage Cleaning
  • $25/Lg Cage Cleaning
  • $30+/Lg-Xlg Cage Cleaning
  • $20/ <15gal Tank Cleaning
  • $22/ 20gal Tank Cleaning
  • $35+/ >30gal Tank Cleaning
  • Discounts Applied for Regular Bookings or Multiple Cages/Tanks

Fish Babyswimming

  • $50/week for Fishy Check-Ins
  • $70+/week for Fishy Check-Ins and Tank Cleaning
  • Discounts Applied for Longterm Fish Sitting (Over 2 Weeks)

Need last minute bird sitting? Aquarium cleaning? Bird cage cleaning?

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